We at EZLUNCHMENU.COM are parents, just like you. We are parents who want to support our schools/organizations in their fundraising efforts and we understand that lunch programs are in place to raise money for things that a school would otherwise not be able to offer. 

Here's our phylosophy - the word "fundraising" in itself implies a need to raise funds to pay for things, and as such, implies that money is in need. It would be very hypocritical to charge our educational system a fee, a fee that a school would incur, in order to raise money, money that they are already short of. To us, that just simply does not make sense.

Because of that, our phylosophy is that We Will Never Charge a school or organization a penny to use our site. There is NO setup fee, NO Administation fee, No Email fee, No fee at all to create, administer, nor use ezlunchmenu site.  

And yes, there is a "But". If you have ever purchased on-line any sporting or event tickets, matter of fact, purchased anything on-line, you are familiar with user convenience fees. All that the end user gets for their user fee is the ability to buy something on-line from the vendor and that's it.

How we are able to offer our awesome site to schools for free is that we have a very low convenience fee that we charge end user so we can continue to offer site to all at no cost. The difference with us is that for that convenience fee, not only does the school benefit, but the end user is offered a number of features such as a detail calendar, safe/secure on-line order placement, comfort in knowing that an order is placed and paid for, and knowledge that the order is received by powers to be.

We at ezlunchmenu have created this site so we can help your school/organization make the most out of your fundraising efforts, and just as importanly, help your lunch adminstrators. We understand that there is a real need for additional funds, especially for schools that have a hard time even running such programs, and because of our commitment to help those in need, (and here's our "BUT") we at donate 30% of all profits to schools.

Wait, wait, wait!! HOLD THE PRESSES!! There's even more. Last seven years, not only did we donate 30 per cent, but because of other multi-national companies loving and believing in our program, and then contributing to the program themselves, we were able to give 100 per cent of the convenience fee back to schools. And we don't stop there. We also donate number of tickets to special events, numerous 5 lb. blocks of cheese, computers and lots of other goodies.  

For this school season, we have the same arrangement with our partners and once again, we will be donating 100% of the convenience fee back to schools.

By using EZLUNCHMENU.COM, you will get the best, most flexible, most user friendly online order system and with each order, your school will benefit financially.

We are very confident that you will love our solution.  Try it!  Test it out!  We know you will love it!



Call at 226.240.8668 or email at and we will gladly discuss all your options and benefits.

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