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Adminstrative Manager. Unlimited Menus. Unlimited Categories. Free Setup. Instant email notifications. Every Payment Option Available. So many features, you'll be saying "ooohh, aaahhh" at every click!

Packed with numerous features, and always listening to users so we can improve ezlunchmenu!

User Panel

  • Either go to the EZLUNCHMENU.COM home page and select your state/province, city and then school or go to your school's website that is directly connected to the ezlunchmenu site.
  • All sensitive information (not that we have much) is password protected and SSL encrypted
  • Create a user profile and add children to it. Each child is matched to a teacher.
  • Click on "Menu" and only items specific to that teacher will be displayed. If more then one child is under this profile, you can change to that child simply by selecting them from the list.
  • Click on the item you wish to order for the child and if you wish, you can change the quantity to order more.
  • When order is complete for a child, select "Check Out" and confirm the order.
  • Pay using whatever means your school allows(cash, cheque(U.S. check), or Credit Card/Debit Card.
  • Receive an instant email confirmation with all detail pertaining to each order.
  • Easily communicate with lunch co-ordinators, teachers or additional school staff.
  • Add your own family events to your individual calendar so when you print it out, it shows all your family activities. Excellent to track those field trips, or school sporting events.
  • Print out a calendar for your own reference.
  • Ability to review every order at any time, 24/7.

Administration Panel

  • Create/edit a school's profile including holidays, and professional development days.
  • Upload a crest for school's identification
  • Add/edit additional administrative personnel and their admin level
  • Add/edit teachers
  • Add/edit items either for duration of menu or specific dates. The system will automatically work and calculate with either format.
  • "NEW" Quickly pick a day for an item such as every Friday for duration of menu cycle.
  • "UPDATE" Identify when an Item appears on a menu and for how many days.
  • *"NEW" Allow teachers to add their class items such as field trips and labs.
  • "NEW" Allow school council and administration to add school events such as shows, team uniforms, year books...(your imagination goes here)
  • "NEW" Allow other users to control specific categories such as special meat orders, coffee, cheese or my favourite, trip to IKEA!
  • "UPDATE" Ability to Add/Edit/Delete individial orders.
  • "UPDATE" Total audit control. See all changes made by users and administrators.
  • "New" Upload and add images to your items.
  • Add/edit/activate a menu
  • Review orders on individual or class level
  • Output reports to Excel
  • Communicate with end users by email
  • Generate reports and lists for distribution at a click of a button
  • You collect all the money, not us.
  • And a whole lot more.


Call at 226.240.8668 or email at and we will gladly discuss all your options and benefits.

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